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„Соломоновата планина” в Киргизстан в списъка на ЮНЕСКО

Включиха „Соломоновата планина” в Киргизстан в списъка на ЮНЕСКО

01 юни 2011

Ош, Киргизстан /КРОСС/ Специалният представител на ЮНЕСКО за Централна Азия Сергей Лазарев е връчил на президента на Киргизстан Роза Отумбаева сертификат, с който „Соломоновата планина" се включва в списъка на световното културно наследство на ЮНЕСКО. Церемонията бе проведена в „южната столица" на републиката Ош, където е разположена планината. „Според легендите, именно тук е живял Соломон и сега, след включването на планината в списъка, тя ще стане една от най- почитаните в света", заяви Отубаева. Това е първият обект в Киргизстан, включен в списъка на ЮНЕСКО.

With Me : Abdurrahman

"Sulaiman-Too" Sacred Mountain of Kyrgyzstan

Sulaiman-Too meaning Solomon's Mountain is a 1000 metres high rocky spur of Alay mountain range. It is surrounded by Kyrgyzstan's second largest city Osh and was a major place of pilgrimage in the Central Asia for Muslims as well as pre-Muslims. The mount located in the vast plains of the Fergana Valley, acted as a beacon for caravans on the Silk Route and was revered as a sacred mountain. Some historians are of the opinion that the peak of the mount is tower and the main signpost of the Silk Road described by the Ptolemeus. Its five peaks and slopes contain numerous ancient places of worship and caves with petroglyphs as well as two largely reconstructed 16th century mosques. For many Muslims of the region it is the most sacred place after Holy cities of Makkah, Medinah and Jerusalem.

The mount contains several caves which are also revered and the locals believe that a little cave where water drips from the roof, are the tears of Sulaiman. They come here to pray from relief from illnesses etc. It is also revered by pregnant women who think that it will give healthy and wise children like the King Solomon.

The Russian had also built an archaeological museum in one of the cave which was created by blasting a hole the hill. Many Muslims weren't very happy with the Soviets mistreating their mountain. The museum houses several ancient artifacts excavated at various locations on the mountains and around the city.

In June 2009 it became the first site in Kyrgyzstan to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to its report "The site is believed to represent the most complete example of a sacred mountain anywhere in Central Asia, worshipped over several millennia."

Osh a city located at the crossroads of several branches of silk caravan routes is reportedly older than Rome, and a number of legends say that Alexander The Great had passed through it on his way to India. Another legend says that King Solomon had slept on the mount. Archaeologists have found artifacts dating back to about the fifth century B.C. In any case Mughal Emperor Babur prior to his victory in India, was crowned King of the Ferghana Valley and had stayed here and one of the mosques at the mountain top was constructed by him in 1510.

Image from Panoramio is by Sergey Bulanov

Image from Panoramio is by Skif1979

Babur's Mosque

Image from Panoramio is by Silwi

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Sacred Cave

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The Museum

Image from Panoramio is by Silwi

Image from Panoramio is by Silwi

Main Source of Info: http://www.kyrgyzstan.orexca.com and UNESCO World Heritage Site

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